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Now you can take your “Glow to Go”

Deep Glow’s 12V super bright green portable light is great for attracting bait and fish to your night fishing excursions. Built from the highest quality components, this light is designed to give you years of enjoyment without the worries of broken bulbs. Just plug it in and throw it then floats vertically at the end of our exclusive floating cord or attach a weight and sink it below the surface.

Perfectly Portable

Whether you own a sportfishing yacht, bass boat or a kayak, Deep Glow’s new 12V “Glow on the Go” is perfectly portable for your on-the-water experiences. Either plug it in to a cigarette lighter, or attached to a 12 volt battery or use our compact 12V which will operate the light for up to 8 hours.

From swordfishing, crappie fishing on the lake, to bridgefishing for snook, our 12V product is simple to use and easy to store. It’s lightweight is great for kayak fishing, flats and inshore fishing.

Dock Talk

When compared to other portable light systems, none compare to the extremely bright, durable, shock proof design of the Glow to Go. With its amazingly bright green light, ease of use and 50,000 hour lifespan, this 12V is great for fishing, dockside entertaining or for your next family camping trip.

Technical Specifications

  • 12 volt LED - 3 sided (240 LED’s)
  • Short and compact for portability
  • Cable length: 30 to 100 ft available
  • Long lasting 50,000 hour life-span and one year warranty
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
  • Supreme Durability - no fragile florescent or halogen bulbs to break
  • Omni Directional 360°of Light
  • Floating or Sinking Ability
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely Bright Green Light Attracts Bait & Marine Life